May 26, 2017 Outdoor Education Program

     A part of the curriculum in the fifth and sixth grade at CCDS includes an outdoor education experience. Our fifth and sixth graders each take a trip to the mountains in Julian and spend time at Camp Stevens which is a 256 acre retreat center serving the Episcopal Diocease of San Diego and Los Angeles. This spring our fifth graders enjoyed a three day program and we had a class full of happy campers! Our fifth graders enjoyed learning in nature's playground. Their experiences at camp include daytime hike in search of different items that can be found in the wild, eating some great meals, participating in a beautiful sunset hike, and closing out the nights singing among friends.  

   Where our sixth graders enjoy Camp Stevens in the fall, our fifth graders participate in the spring and each class loves the opportunity to be outdoors as well as bond with their classmates. Camp Stevens offers a place for "city kids" to experience some fresh air as well as the opportunity to be away from home for two nights, tend to chickens and a garden, have fun in the mountain air, reflect on their experiences, bond with their classmates, and build lasting memories.